Supervision for Supervisors with Susie Snyder, LCSW


to raise the standard of quality of services that I provide, and to raise the expectations that supervisees have of supervision (check out my post for more on my mission statement). A tool that works for me is consistently and intentionally reflecting on my supervision sessions, and receiving quality clinical oversight.

I recently connected with Susie Snyder, LCSW around this. Susie has decades of clinical experience in the Portland area. I first met her over 10 years ago at Portland State University, where she taught in the MSW program for many years. Susie specializes in training clinical supervisors, and runs day-long courses at PSU for credentialing in this area. This is why I reached out to her, and she has agreed to start a monthly clinical supervision group for supervisors. It is the first Thursday of each month, 9:30-11:30am at Susie’s home office in SE Portland; cost is $35/hr.

In Susie’s words,

“The group will be structured around participants consulting about their challenging supervisory situations. I will share any relevant wisdom I have about ways to intervene or structure supervision for success. I am happy to specifically demonstrate skills such as use of supportive confrontation or ways to teach/enhance empathy. I’m also quite confident that group members will have lots of wisdom/experience/strategies to share with each other.”

Along with receiving support from Susie, members of the group will be able to earn continuing education credits. I’ll coordinate this through the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers (though the group is open to MH professions of all backgrounds, and I will look into contacting various licensing boards as needed) - clinicians can earn up to 20 of the required CEUs this way.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Brief Overview of Getting Your Clinical Social Work License in Oregon

Brief Overview of Getting Your Clinical Social Work License in Oregon

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